Live Show – 11/27

I’ll be doing a set around the 8PM hour TONIGHT, Tuesday the 27th. Music and words start at 7PM and go until 9:30PM. Free admission. For parking and other venue information, visit the CLE Urban Winery website.

The New (Music) Business Model

Jonathan Meiburg is one of the rare creatives whose work I have always preordered/purchased without ever having to wait to hear preview clips, etc. As an amateur bird nerd and musician who makes a “living” as a materials scientist, I am inspired by his efforts to create full-time. He (very) recently launched his new Patreon page. I am privileged to be a supporter. As Jonathan writes:

If I can reach 500 patrons, my life will change. I’ll be able to work on music and writing full-time, buy health insurance, and pay down music-related debts that have followed me for years. And I’ll be able to hit all my marks for 2019: writing and recording new albums for Loma and Shearwater, seeing my book through the editing process (at last), drafting a screenplay that’s been on my mind for years, and organizing SW and Loma tours for 2020.

If you’ve enjoyed his work in the past, I encourage you to support his future work. If you’ve not heard of Shearwater or LOMA, you owe it to yourself to go searching.

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